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Our values

At the helm of the Travelsoft group, you'll find a team of entrepreneurs who dare to dream differently.

Fueled by an unyielding passion for travel and technology, they created companies that don't just follow trends — they set them. They fostered an environment where every challenge is an opportunity and every idea a catalyst for transformation. Open-minded and adaptive, our team thrives on challenges, transforming obstacles into opportunities. In a world that constantly evolves, we don't just keep up — we lead the way.

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Meet the team


Christian Sabbagh

Founder & CEO of Travelsoft Group and Orchestra

Christian Sabbagh founded Travelsoft in the year 2000 and has made a name for himself in the travel industry by combining cutting-edge technological expertise with a forward-looking vision. Driven by a firm belief in the transformation of the tourism sector in the internet age, in 2005 he launched Orchestra and the company’s SaaS solution has gone on to redefine standards in the French market. Today he leads Travelsoft Group and its companies towards its core mission “to serve customers in every region with platforms tailored to each ecosystem". As a specialist in tourism distribution software, he embodies the industry’s need for a harmonious alliance between solid technical expertise and a deep understanding of the sector's specific requirements.

Dave Cruickshank

CEO of Atcore Technology

Dave Cruickshank joined Atcore Technology in 2015. With over 15 years in the travel sector, he brings a wealth of strategic, marketing, digital and commercial experience in leading global businesses and innovative start-ups. Dave's strong leadership is complemented by his expertise in developing strategic growth plans, as well as identifying industry trends and customer needs.

Andy Lennon

Chief Financial Officer of Atcore Technology

Andy Lennon is a qualified accountant with over 30 years of senior finance experience gained in the UK, Europe and the USA. Since returning from the USA in 2015, Andy has worked exclusively in Private Equity backed companies working with management teams and investors to grow their dynamic businesses.

Mike Wright

Chief Commercial Officer of Atcore Technology

Mike Wright joined Atcore Technology in 2001 as Sales Director following an acquisition. He has extensive knowledge of the business requirements of all types of travel organisations across the majority of markets. Mike leads an account management team who manage existing relationships whilst his focus is new clients.

Salim Sahi

Co-founder & CEO of Traffics

Salim Sahi has always had the soul of an entrepreneur. First he founded a travel agency and tour operator together with his brother in 1993, becoming the first company to make it possible to book trips by fax (a pre-internet pioneer!). Then later in 2000 Salim founded the company Traffics GmbH, together with Jens Muskewitz. Today he leads the company as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and continues to innovate with concepts such as HeliView.

Jens Muskewitz

Co-founder & CSA of Traffics

Jens Muskewitz is today one of the leading developers in the travel technology industry. Thanks to his expertise, the systems offered by Traffics GmbH have been continuously developed in line with the market. In 2000 he founded Traffics GmbH together with Salim Sahi and today he leads the company as CSA. Prior to co-founding the company he worked on encryption technologies for companies such as Rohde und Schwarz and additionally on communication technologies for online services.

Pedro Camara

CEO of TravelgateX

Pedro Camara is the founding CEO of TravelgateX. He started his career working for leading Internet companies in Spain. In 2008 he started working independently to create a booking engine for vacation rentals. During this period, he co-founded B2deal, a consultancy specializing in web application development. In January 2011, he moved to Mallorca and founded XML Travelgate, a company that in 2017 became TravelgateX, the global marketplace the Travel Trade.

Sandra Chinappen

Chief Financial Officer of TravelgateX

Sandra Chinappen has over 20 years of senior experience in the travel industry, specializing in online projects and international growth. She has analyzed, redefined, and digitalized processes for major financial institutions in New York, including Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. Sandra has also served on the Board of Directors for companies such as easyJet Holidays, tech startups, and hotels, contributing to their strategic direction and operational improvements.

Manuel Aragones

Co-founder & CEO of Travel Compositor

Manuel Aragones has spent 25 years managing tour operators and travel agency groups in seven different countries. He is the co-founder and CEO of Travel Compositor, launched in 2014 along with Vincente Rosselló. Manuel is also a shareholder and member of the board at Travelsoft Group, the parent of Travel Compositor, as well as a member of the advisory board at Top Group Express and MOGU Platform.

Vicente Rosselló

Co-founder & CTO of Travel Compositor

Vicente Rosselló is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Travel Compositor. His background in computer engineering has given him extensive experience in technology companies within the tourism sector. At Travel Compositor he is in charge of the technical design of applications and product infrastructure. As a tech specialist, he is interested in the stability and performance of the platform, along with improving the productivity and experience of developers.

Alexandru Elisei

CEO of Travel Connection Technology

Alexandru Elisei is a passionate advocate for new technology and modern web development, with a special interest in the travel industry. Before 2011, Alexandru managed significant software development projects, demonstrating a strong ability to lead and execute complex technological solutions. In 2011, Alexandru founded Travel Connection Technology and has since served as the CEO, heavily involved in the technical side of the business. Under Alexandru's leadership, Travel Connection Technology has focused on expanding its product offerings and growing its global client network. Alexandru's commitment to excellence and innovative approach has been key to the company's success and continued growth. His dedication to exploring new technological advancements and integrating them into the travel industry is evident in the company's achievements.

Charles Tandonnet

VP Growth Program of Travelsoft Group

Charles Tandonnet currently serves as VP Growth Program at Travelsoft Group and is a pivotal force in the company's strategic vision. With a background in digital marketing and a significant stint as Chief Information Officer at Carrefour's travel agency network, Charles brings great experience to the table. Today he spearheads the synergy program for the group, contributing substantially to an active external growth strategy. He not only possesses a strong foundation in digital and IT skills but also embodies a profound understanding of the travel industry. His leadership is characterized by a commitment to innovation combined with a passion for the never ending challenges of the travel technology sector.

Matthieu Fournier

VP Finance and M&A of Travelsoft Group

Matthieu currently serves as VP Finance and M&A at Travelsoft Group. He joined Travelsoft in 2024 and leads group finance, investor relations and M&A operations. Before joining Travelsoft, Matthieu was the CFO of Brainsonic, a leading digital communication agency acquired by the Dékuple Group in 2022. He also held several global M&A positions in listed businesses (notably Ipsos and Edenred) focusing on tech investments and is a former Senior Manager of PwC Transaction Services (Paris office).