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Our mission

Become the global leader in travel SaaS, boosting efficiency and profitability through cutting-edge digital solutions.

About us

In 2000, we began a journey in the travel tech and leisure industry. Since then, we have become a global player in travel SaaS, operating transactional software platforms for multiple actors.

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We are travel chameleons

In the fast-evolving world of travel, we like to think of ourselves as chameleons. Our cutting-edge technology breaks down the complexities of the volatile travel landscape, helping clients to quickly adapt to emerging challenges and trends.

Our journey

Travelsoft’s timeline


Travelsoft becomes a global leader in travel technology with the acquisitions of TravelgateX, Atcore Technology and Travel Connection Technology

TravelgateX, Atcore Technology and Travel Connection Technology join Travelsoft to create a global player in travel technology, with platforms covering all the needs of the leisure travel industry worldwide.


Eventiz joins Travelsoft

Eventiz Media Group joins Travelsoft to offer data and market insight to its clients. Eventiz is the owner of the France’s L'Echo touristique (founded in 1934),, Déplacements Pros and Pagtour media. In addition Eventiz organises key events for the French tourism and business travel industry, including Travel d'Or, net Managers, les Lauriers du Voyage d'Affaires, les Trophées de l'innovation, le to.tec and A World For Travel.


Travel Compositor joins Travelsoft

Travel Compositor joins Travelsoft, renforcing the group position in Europe and expanding its presence to South America. Founded in 2014 in Spain, Travel Compositor operates state-of-the-art travel booking platforms in Southern Europe and Latin America, and is renowned for its best-in-class multi-destination or “à la carte” solution.


Traffics joins Travelsoft

Traffics joins Travelsoft, to give birth to a European leader of software solutions for the travel industry. Founded in 1999 in Germany, Traffics is a leading travel technology on the German market. In particular, Traffics operates the CosmoNaut platform, a well-known reservation system used by most travel agencies in Germany.


First integration of our platforms with airlines in direct connectivity


Launch of activities and car rentals in France


Launch of the pre-package solution


Launch of the Orchestra back office


Launch of hotels and flights in France


Deployment of the Orchestra platform for major agency networks in France


Implementation of the Orchestra platform for online travel agencies (OTA) in France


Launch of the software platform Orchestra in France

Orchestra was launched in 2005 and allows travel professionals to produce, manage, and distribute a complete range of leisure offers – including packages, hotel nights, airline and train tickets, activities and services, and dynamic packages.


Foundation of the Travelsoft company

In 2000, we began a journey in the traveltech and leisure industry. Witnessing the dawn of e-commerce and foreseeing technology's substantial impact on the tourism industry, we launched a service company, Travelsoft.

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